Payment and Funding

Who pays for elder care?

Let’s face it. Paying for Mom or Dad’s care in later life is an incredibly stressful issue. And many families are faced with the same decisions as to what’s best for an elderly parent or friend. We’ve all heard heart-breaking stories about people who have lost their life savings to elder care facilities. Don’t worry. We’re here to help.

Each Wisconsin county has an Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) where you can learn about options available to you. The ADRC is a tremendous help in your time of need. Here’s a quote from the ADRC of Racine County:

ADRCs provide a central source of reliable and objective information about a broad range of programs and services. They help people understand and evaluate the various options available to them. By enabling people to find resources in their communities and make informed decisions about long-term care, ADRCs help people conserve their personal resources, maintain self-sufficiency and delay or prevent the need for potentially expensive long-term care. ADRCs also serve as the single access point for publicly funded long-term care.

We accept private funds along with family care approved through the ADRC for help with funding, placement, assessments, (physical needs, emotional needs, etc.) functional screens as well as all other information about elderly and disability care.

Contact the ADRC in your county to learn more about beginning the assessment process. We work closely with ADRC’s in surrounding counties to help keep your loved-one in a home-like environment rather than institutions.

Here are links to the Aging and Disability Resource Centers in Southeast Wisconsin:

Racine County ADRC

Waukesha County ADRC

Milwaukee County ADRC

Kenosha County ADRC

Walworth County ADRC

After talking to the folks at the ADRC in your county, give us a call 262.895.6666 and we can answer any further questions you have. Don’t worry. We never push anyone to make such an important decision for your loved one’s care before they’re ready. We’re here to help.